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A pneumoconiosis caused by the inhalation of cotton dust. Also known as brown lung disease.



a pulmonary disease, related to the pneumoconiosis group of conditions which arise from prolonged inspiration of cotton dust. Byssinosis may develop in workers at flax processing plants. It is distinguished from other forms of pneumoconiosis by the presence of bronchitis and emphysema accompanied by very weak development of connective tissues.

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During the Carter administration, the grant funding and a more or less sympathetic Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) played a significant role in establishing favorable cotton-dust regulations, assisted in reforming workers' compensation laws in some states to include byssinosis, and placed textile employers on the defensive in terms of political relations.
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Odds ratios for self-reported byssinosis and dyspnea were significantly increased for continuous recent endotoxin exposure (Table 4).
In contrast, recent exposure to endotoxin, rather than past exposure, was associated with byssinosis and chronic bronchitis.
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