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(fluid mechanics)

candlepower (cp)

The luminous intensity of a light source, expressed in candelas. Abbr. cp. Also see apparent candlepower.


On drawings, abbr. for cesspool.


A concurrent Prolog.

"The Concurrent Logic Programming Language CP": Definition and Operational Semantics", V. Saraswat, 14th POPL, ACM 1987, pp.49-62.


(1) (Central Processor) See processor and CPU.

(2) (CoPy) See Unix commands.

(3) See control program, control panel and copy protection.
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Morgan's mission is to offer homebuyers more square feet for less money with more choices and less hassle," said Tim Conrad, senior IT manager, C.
In addition to the Company's core focus of developing advanced ICs for communications and connectivity, C.
This divestiture is a critical leap forward in our evolution," said Arthur Buckland, C.
Acquiring a strong and well established ASIC company like Micronix will provide C.
Ferrantino, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of C.
The results of Clare Micronix will be consolidated beginning with C.
The parties have entered into a long term supply contract pursuant to which Gunther Belgium will supply its mercury switches and relays exclusively to C.
As part of the stock purchase agreement, the parties will negotiate a long term supply contract, in which Tongeren Manufacturing Company will supply its mercury switches and relays exclusively to C.
Clare is very pleased to be working with Harris on this venture," said Chris Noble, vice president and general manager of the C.