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1.An open or tent-like structure at a swimming pool or at the shore.
2. Originally, a simple Spanish dwelling resembling a hut or cabin.
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The cabana designs ranged from chic to conceptual and included a range of materials chosen specifically by each designer.
For more information, review copies, or interviews please contact the author at: Regent Jean Cabana E-mail: regentcabana@hotmail.
36 Mm 600 Lot 2 Location Ocol Baia Sprie + Wheel Localization Detour Cabana Cabana Baia Sprie + Wheel (Baia Sprie, Str.
The Cure: The Cure package includes a house beverage on arrival, access to a private cabana, a 30 minute in-cabana massage and a no-nonsense poolside lunch of pizza or a burger.
We've had ours since the 1970s," says Jeff Hart, who describes the decor as "almost funky, terribly informal, with wicker chairs, multicolored cabana stripes in the drapery and chair cushions--nothing serious at all.
BRAZILIAN restaurant Cabana will be the latest addition to the Newcastle leisure scene as it finalises plans to open its first North East venue.
More familiar to San Antonians is the new Taco Cabana next door, which will unveil the company's new, contemporary restaurant prototype to the San Antonio market.
Taco Cabana guests are obsessed with eating great-tasting Mexican food, and we are obsessed with making it for them.
Pulse Beverage Corporation is an emerging beverage company that offers beverage brands that are great tasting, good-for-you, refreshing, low-calorie natural drinks, including: PULSE Heart & Body Health functional beverages, Natural Cabana Lemonade and Limeade and Natural Cabana Coconut Water.
The Alice in BW Land Cabana at the Pool will entice children during their stay and will let them stumble into their own rabbit hole.
2) HBO's Kristen Ardigo takes a ride on the wild side at the ``Deadwood'' premiere party Tuesday at the Cabana Club.
The "invitation only" party at the "full-service" residence will showcase the condominium's apartments and rooftop cabanas.