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CableNET provides an opportunity for cable technologists to demonstrate how the industry is maintaining its technology leadership position in an increasingly competitive marketplace.
2 billion TV households around the world, 355 million are currently cable TV households.
Under the terms of the business alliance, AMSC[TM] will be the preferred supplier of HTS wire to SECRI and the recommended preferred HTS wire supplier to its cable manufacturing licensees for all future superconductor cables.
This report provides detailed coverage of 44 leading cable MSOs, including infrastructure investment, revenue forecasts, and an examination of each company's voice, video, and data strategies.
As part of the agreement, Sprint Nextel will carry long-distance traffic for Time Warner Cable residential customers and provide turnkey telephone services such as 911 services,relay systems and operator services.
NPRG's new Cable Broadband & Telephony Report(TM) - 2nd Edition reveals that cable MSOs are growing on all three fronts of triple play - video, voice and Internet access - creating a triple whammy for competitors in the telco and satellite TV arenas.
Steve Burke, Dave Watson and the cable team have extensive experience integrating cable systems and we look forward to delivering to our new customers the products and services that are already so popular with Comcast's subscribers.
By eliminating the most labor-intensive aspect of branch circuit wiring, MC AP cable is a major advancement that will help contractors better manage their total installed costs.
The Cisco(R) Integrated Business Service solution consists of a Cisco 815 Cable Integrated Services Router (ISR) and Cisco High-Speed WAN Interface Cards (HWIC-CABLE-D-2 and HWIC-CABLE-E/J-2).
0 spec will benefit cable operators and consumers alike by helping to improve the overall VOD experience.
In markets around the world, cable TV operators are ramping up their deployments of cable telephony service.
Silec Cable, located in Montereau, France, began business in 1932, primarily to support the local energy and telecommunications infrastructure.