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The Cisco Wideband solution consists of three primary components: CMTS, edge QAM and wideband cable modems.
3) Scientific Atlanta and Linksys Wideband Cable Modems
Figure 5 Taiwanese Cable Modem Business Types, 1Q 2003 - 1Q 2004
Figure 6 Taiwanese Cable Modem ODM/OEM Customer Types, 1Q 2003 - 1Q 2004
95% of North American cable modem subscribers are residential
The report, "Broadband Bonanza: Worldwide Cable Modem Subscribers Approach 30 Million" (#IN030709MB), discusses the status of cable modem subscribers and services around the world.
Toshiba's PCX4500 Wireless Cable Modem Router offers MSOs and consumers a Toshiba cable modem with single Ethernet and USB ports, an 802.
DSL and cable modem revenues now account for about 90 percent of the low-end, high-speed Internet access services market, which also includes fixed wireless, fiber to the home and satellite.
0 certification and one cable modem earning PacketCable(TM) qualification were based on Microtune's radio frequency (RF) silicon and systems tuner technologies.
We are delighted to be the first major cable modem vendor ever to achieve PacketCable certification, as well as have our 2.