cable rack

ladder cable tray

ladder cable tray
A continuous steel or aluminum support for wiring or cables.
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Tenders are invited for Strengthening the cable rack pedestals & steel structures and painting to the cable Rack pipe line from over Head Tank upto Unit IV & V CR 23 in stage III area and pipe supporting auxilliary line to CWPH-I & cable rack auxilliary line from CWPH-II to conveyor line.
IMPROVE CABLE MANAGEMENT with Siemon's RS2 Series Cable Rack System.
Tenders are invited for Painting of steel structure located behind CW pump house, Unit#5 & the cable rack structures running from Chlorination plant building towards CT#5, steel Staircase including its supporting vertical structure beside Silo, Unit#5 along with Battery room at 8.
Tenders are invited for TTPS Strengthening the cable rack pedestals & steel structures and painting to the CR 13, 12 & 5 from cooling water pump House II in Unit IV & V in stage III area.
Tenders are invited for TTPS Strengthening the cable rack pedestals & steel structures and painting to the CR 11, CR 23 and continuation of CR 23 along Repair bay wall upto station transformer in Unit IV & V at stage III area.
Tenders are invited for Clearing the accumulated coal dust, fly ash powder and other waste materials from Bunkers, structural areas, down spout assembly, feeder, feeder floor, hot air duct, cold air duct and its gates and dampers, platforms, cable, cable rack and its platforms, cleaning the feeder, below feeder floor, feeder discharge chutes, centre feed pipe, coal bends and pipes, mill, mill top, mill floor, gear box, ground floor and cable, cable rack and its platforms and seal air system for a period of 180 days from taking over of site etc.
Tenders are invited for TTPS Strengthening and Improvement works to cable rack pedestals from ECHS I subdivision IV office front to Ash silo III and TT4 to Magnet Tower conveyor pedestals and Improvement work to dust suppression pump house I & II at ICHS.
Tenders are invited for Antistatic flooring, cable rack & closing window openings for the NGN Switch room at 1 st floor in connection with Providing Anti-Static flooring, partition and civil works for NGN at Bhelkenagar, Kothrud TE, Pune
Limited Tenders are invited for Notice Inviting E-Tender For Lining One Time Contract For Repairs And Replacement Of Cable Rack Job On Control Room Terrace, Between 17 Unit And 18 Unit, Road Crossing Between Sub Station And 18 Unit And At North East Corner Of Compressor House In Hw
Tenders are invited for Dismantling & removal of redundant cable rack and cables from cable gallery to boiler side in unit no.
Hardware savings besides the cable itself also contain power supply, barriers, fuses, lightning arrestors, earthing, cable racks and cabinets.
Louis-based e-commerce wholesaler of voice, audio, and data solutions, today announced a broad initiative on cable racks, cable cabinets, and related installation tools and accessories.