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Communication at a distance by means of code signals consisting of current pulses sent over wires or by radio.



the branch of science and technology that studies the principles of establishing telegraph communication, develops methods for transmitting telegraph signals and the equipment required by these methods, and evaluates the quality of data transmission over telegraph channels.

As a scientific and technical discipline, telegraphy is divided into the following branches, corresponding to the principal areas of interest: telegraph codes, dealing with the optimum conversion of alphameric data into combinations of electrical signals during transmission and the reciprocal conversion of the signals upon reception; terminal equipment, dealing with design principles for telegraph equipment, transmitters and reperforators, methods of signal transmission and reception, and the development of electronic equipment; telegraph channels, dealing with the most economic use of expensive wire communications and the design of channels with specific characteristics; and telegraph networks, dealing with the choice of methods for connecting subscribers and terminal points, the most advantageous distribution of stations, and the quality of subscriber services.

In order to ensure high-quality transmission in telegraphy, studies are being conducted on signal distortions, the causes and laws governing these distortions, and errors that occur during data transmission and methods of eliminating such errors.

Unlike other forms of communication, telegraphy operates with discrete messages composed of a finite number of symbols—letters, numbers, and punctuation marks. The signals that transmit these messages are also discrete. The theoretical basis of telegraphy is the general theory of communications, information theory, and the theory of potential noise immunity. Probability theory and Boolean algebra also find application in telegraphy.

Phototelegraphy is a special branch of telegraphy and has historically been included in the discipline. It studies the principles of facsimile.

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32) Brundage's cablegram proved impotent; the Cuban authorities were not swayed when Moenck placed it before them.
tit 8 [section] 212 (c)(2) (providing that "[a] stockholder may authorize another person or persons to act for such stockholder as proxy by transmitting or authorizing the transmission of a telegram, cablegram, or other means of electronic transmission to the person who will be the holder of the proxy").
Dear Henderson: Your cablegram indicates that you are still a bit confused.
The nicest thing about Paul Bowles is that he was a very radical young guy and I remember this Midwest magazine, perhaps it was New Left, sent out a questionnaire asking various writers what they will do if war breaks out, and asking political questions mostly, and Bowles sent them a cablegram saying, "I will have no further communication with you until I spit upon you from the cockpit of a Fokker.
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After hearing complaints, the Commission sent a cablegram to the Secretary of State, appealing to him to suspend the "deportation of Haitian citizens who had been denied asylum as political refugees in the United States.
The agent already knew the procedure used by Admiralty Berlin for the dispatch of such messages by commercial cablegram, and how it was stamped by the Admiralty and censor's office.
A cablegram reached me this morning from Buckingham Palace, which I am sure you would all like to hear: 'Buckingham Palace, Old Kent Road, London.
6 and 9, respectively, and even Japan's dispatch of a cablegram on Aug.
If telegram is blended with cable to give cablegram, the meaning of telegram may become definitively associated with -gram and so give rise to a new series of words with a second element -gram with the meaning 'telegram.