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cabling, cable molding

cabling, 1
1.An ornament formed like a cable, showing twisted strands.
2. The convex filling of the lower part of the flutes of classical columns. Also see rope molding, reeding.
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This poses an exposure danger to the cabling technicians and the building occupants.
Some experts predict the LEAD-DUST from cabling decomposition could create another type of "sick building syndrome".
VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol)offers a significant new market opportunity for structured cabling system (SCS)suppliers.
For most new cabling installations, both PC LAN networking and VOIP are being installed simultaneously.
In addition, the aftermarket for structured cabling systems hardly matched the cabling shipments in the previous years for the initial LAN installations.
The question that arises now from all the structured cabling system suppliers is, "If and when will the market recover?
PanGen structured cabling is offered in two copper Category solutions -- performance-driven PanGen(TM) Plus for the open-architecture enterprise market and value-oriented PanGen(TM) Pro for the smaller-sized business market.
The new system, available later this year, is based on a breakthrough in cabling technology that enables performance beyond current Category 6 proposals.
Of the newer cable types being installed, fiber optic cabling is making a strong push, not only in the campus network, but also in the horizontal and vertical networks.
It quickly verifies cabling by combining the length measurement with wiremap.
WireScope 155 is the first Category 5 cable analyzer that operates up to 155MHz, a requirement for fully qualifying cabling for successful operation with 155Mbps ATM equipment.