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This danger is removed by combining these independent matrices into a single compound array so that a single cache block can contain the desired elements.
In the extreme case when A(I),B(I) and C(I) each map to the same cache block, this block will have to be constantly emptied and refilled leading to cache thrashing.
Again, in general terms, a high volume environment will have a smaller stripe size and a smaller cache block, while large file sizes will be better accommodated with larger cache and larger stripe sizes.
More efficient data cache block prefetch lowers system power and boosts system performance by speeding functions such as MemCpy by 6.
This system will make four words transfers to fill a cache block In accordance with input data consisting of main memory capacity [S.
The replacement unit keeps track of the number of cache blocks belong to each active process, and allocates a new cache block to a process only if its current allocation is below its limit.
Other tests assured that the Auspex system does not return write confirmation to the Oracle server until data is written to disk; that file locks do not fail in the event of fileserver failure; and that cache blocks operate properly if a restart is required during a write-through cache on a Network File Services (NFS) client.