cache conflict

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cache conflict

A sequence of accesses to memory repeatedly overwriting the same cache entry. This can happen if two blocks of data, which are mapped to the same set of cache locations, are needed simultaneously.

For example, in the case of a direct mapped cache, if arrays A, B, and C map to the same range of cache locations, thrashing will occur when the following loop is executed:

for (i=1; i<n; i++) C[i] = A[i] + B[i];

Cache conflict can also occur between a program loop and the data it is accessing.

See also ping-pong.
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In this article, we define a type of profile, called temporal-ordering information, that is essential to predicting cache conflict misses, and we introduce a practical profiling technique that can extract this information during program execution.
Since CMEs are analyzing possible cache conflicts, they need some information about the relative positioning of different data structures, but they do not need the absolute base address of any variable.
Effective_CacheSize is the effective I-cache size, after // taking other factors such as cache conflicts into account.
To copy or not to copy: a compile-time technique for assessing when data copying should be used to eliminate cache conflicts.