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1. an official seal on a document, letter, etc.
2. Philately
a. a mark stamped by hand on mail for commemorative purposes
b. a small mark made by dealers and experts on the back of postage stamps
3. a hollow wafer, formerly used for enclosing an unpleasant-tasting medicine



a capsule for taking medicinal powders that have an unpleasant taste. Cachets are made in factories from dough obtained by mixing starch and starch paste.

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Cachet works with the payroll industry and provides services completely unrelated to those of the defendant, which has currently been in the news.
Caption: Rendering of the planned Cachet Boutique hotel that will house the Playboy Club.
31 December 2013 - Canadian diagnostics company Miraculins Inc (CVE:MOM) said today it had agreed with its Chinese partner Cachet Pharmaceutical to a 30-day extension on their letter of intent to continue discussions about the licensing rights for Miraculins' Scout DS diabetes test in China.
La publication, editee par l'Agence en arabe et en anglais, comporte un dossier special intitule "La judaisation d'Al Qods met en peril son equilibre demographique et environnemental", dans lequel est repris le discours qu'a adresse SM le Roi, President du Comite Al Qods, a la 12eme session de la Conference islamique au Sommet, tenue en fevrier dernier au Caire, avec un apercu sur les efforts deployes par le Souverain en vue de sauvegarder le cachet islamique de la cite sainte.
The company, which already has a long roster of designer licenses, reached an agreement with Cachet earlier this year for a line of down-filled, embroidered decorative pillows.
We've assembled a portfolio of best-in-class IT solutions that are recognized and cited by leading industry analysts," said Stuart Kenley, managing director at Cachet Software.
Northwoods was looking for a way to meet their needs, and with Cachet and MnIPC we are really getting the full package," said Northwoods CU President Barb Brown.
Cachet Exclusive Living will showcasing high-end furniture and lighting brands like Beby Italy & Diluce, Carpanelli, Porta Romana and Jonathan Charles.
Our new retail showroom exclusively features four globally acclaimed brands that boast of their own seal of authenticity, hence the name Cachet,' he explained.
At one time drugs instead of sherbet was put in cachets with the aid of a cachet machine.
It is back stamped "HONG KONG 71 11AM"-with the same "Field Security Section-Hong Kong" cachet, and preprinted Intelligence Corps insignia on reverse envelope flap.
CITROEN is introducing a new range of Cachet versions of its C2, C3 and C4 models offering some extras designed to freshen them up for summer.