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an Indian chieftain in Mexico, the West Indies, and Central America before the Spanish conquest. The post of cacique was usually hereditary in a particular clan or family. The caciques and their descendants formed the aristocratic elite among the Aztecs, Mayans, and other tribes. Some of the caciques went over to the side of the Spanish colonialists and became feudal landowners and officials.

In Latin America and in Spain, influential politicians from among landowners, the bourgeoisie, and the military who have seized power in a particular region of the country are called caciques. The system of administration whereby the central government exercises its authority in localities with the help of caciques has come to be known as caciquism.


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Cacique did not sire any registered foals in 2010, 2011 or 2012 but thankfully he has 33 two-year-olds on the ground this year, among them Exonerate, a sister to Mutual Trust, as well as half-siblings to Berkshire and Prohibit.
operates 1,953 retail stores in 48 states under the names LANE BRYANT, CACIQUE, LANE BRYANT OUTLET, FASHION BUG, FASHION BUG PLUS and CATHERINES PLUS SIZES.
Giant Cowbirds in Argentina, according to Jaramillo and Burke (1999), are found only in northern Misiones Province, where the only potential host is the colonial nesting Red-rumped Cacique (Cacicus haemorrhous).
17) Mas as Audiencias, por vezes, outorgaram aos novos aliados nao somente o titulo de cacique, mas tambem o direito a terras e casas.
Bonfa, says Cacique exports 98% of its total production, and that its two soluble coffee brands, Cafe Pele and Cafe Cacique, are present in 41 countries.
To emphasize the solemnity of his offer, Herckmans issued each cacique an authorized letter from His Majesty, the prince of Orange.
As of December 2011, Cacique and Pecunia registered net losses of BRL305.
From a first crop of 31 foals bred in 2008, Cacique sired eight stakes performers including the Prix Jean Prat winner Mutual Trust.
Lane Bryant and Cacique fashions are available nationwide at its nearly 750 Lane Bryant stores, 106 Lane Bryant Outlet[R] stores, and at lanebryant.
Not all of this family have excelled at stud - the departure of Kerali's Nunthorpe Stakes-winning half-brother So Factual from Hampshire to Greece in the early noughties couldn't have come quick enough - but with siblings of the calibre of Dansili and Cacique, the omens look good for the stud prospects of Champs Elysees, their Group 1-winning brother who commands a fee of pounds 10,000 at Banstead Manor and whose first crop are foals.
The national ratings and IDRs of Cacique reflect the support from its shareholder, Societe Generale S.
In the case of Dansili's brother Cacique, the past weekend also provided a highlight in what has been an all-too-brief stud career.