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, caddy
Golf an attendant who carries clubs, etc., for a player


(computer science)
In certain types of disk drives, a plastic tray in which a CD-ROM disk is placed before loading.


A plastic container that holds a CD or DVD disc for added protection. The bare disc is placed in the caddy, and the caddy is inserted into the drive. A caddy is not a jewel case. A jewel case protects the disc for transportation. A caddy protects the disc while reading and writing. See HDD cradle.

Caddy Load
Earlier drives always used a caddy. Today, some drives still require one for added protection.

DVD-RAMs use a Caddy
For writing, DVD-RAM drives require the disk to be placed into a caddy. The drives support both caddy and caddyless media, and for reading, the bare disks can be used. (Image courtesy of Panasonic Industrial Company.)
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The dad-of-three, who was Caddie Master of the Year from 1999 to 2004, 2006, 2008 and 2011, was the first non-US caddie to be inducted into the Caddie Association of America's Hall of Fame.
Although the caddies have never consented to or been paid for the use of their likenesses, they say the PGA Tour forces them to serve as human billboards by requiring them to wear logo-covered "bibs" over their shirts during tournaments.
There are hundreds of designs for shower caddies, but if you need something portable, the choices are few, mainly a bunch of baskets that need to be placed on the shower floor.
Supply and delivery of wheeled refuse collection containers to EN 840: 2012, 55 litre kerbside boxes, bottle banks, compost units with kitchen caddies, kitchen caddies only and compostable kitchen caddy liners.
That avenue was all but closed when golf clubs replaced caddies with electric carts, Kaczkowski said.
For a day, all of them were content to be caddies and savoured the moments spent in the company of the golfing legend.
Dougherty caddied at Woodlawn from the fifth grade through college, then served as the caddie master for 35 years before stepping down in 1998.
OTC: CADY) have announced a venture where Sprint will provide wireless coverage and Android tablet hardware for the new Digital Caddies "Players Network" tablet-based technology platform.
Each household has received a brown kerbside caddy in addition to the green kitchen caddy and using it could not be simpler: * line kitchen caddies with the liners provided and fill with food waste, removing all packaging and containers; * when the liner is full, tie it closed and put it into the kerbside food waste caddy; and * place kerbside caddy on the pavement for collection.
Players and caddies look forward to this evening all year and the spirit is always joking and fun," the Sun quoted Williams, as saying in a statement.
So while Scottish golf mourns the absence of a homegrown player in the Ryder Cup team for the first time since 1937, our proud tradition of successful caddies looks as healthy as ever.
As he carried clubs for players and found their golf balls, he was mentored by older black caddies at the Westchester County New York, institution.