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, caddy
Golf an attendant who carries clubs, etc., for a player


(computer science)
In certain types of disk drives, a plastic tray in which a CD-ROM disk is placed before loading.


A plastic container that holds a CD or DVD disc for added protection. The bare disc is placed in the caddy, and the caddy is inserted into the drive. A caddy is not a jewel case. A jewel case protects the disc for transportation. A caddy protects the disc while reading and writing. See HDD cradle.

Caddy Load
Earlier drives always used a caddy. Today, some drives still require one for added protection.

DVD-RAMs use a Caddy
For writing, DVD-RAM drives require the disk to be placed into a caddy. The drives support both caddy and caddyless media, and for reading, the bare disks can be used. (Image courtesy of Panasonic Industrial Company.)
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