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History (in England and in France before 1789) a gentleman, usually a younger son, who entered the army to prepare for a commission


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[Sammet 1969, p. 683].
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This is another manifestation of the success of the pioneering Cadetship Programme in ADNATCO and NGSCO, which has produced more than 250 UAE nationals since its inception in 1994 with the support of ADNOC and its Group of Companies.
Carnival UK, for example, offers three different cadetship schemes.
I was sponsored through my medical cadetship by the Navy and will now serve with them for 10 years.
32) After passing examinations in law during their cadetship, SAS officers usually became responsible for administering the law in the lower courts in their districts.
A member of the PDF who refuses to provide a urine sample or who provides a urine sample which tests positive shall be liable to retirement, discharge or relinquishment of commission or withdrawal of cadetship as appropriate.
MARITIME bosses are planning to set up cadetship and training schemes with Mersey Ferries and the Laird Foundation.
One thinks of the clergyman's younger son who acquired an East India Company's cadetship, and returned as a Nabob.
He was too poor to afford a university education, but managed to get a local politician to find him a free education by obtaining a West Point cadetship for him.
First he leaves the University of Virginia, after a single term: then his army post in Fort Moultrie, South Carolina; he has a truncated cadetship at West Point, after a self-contrived court-martial for "disobeying orders.
During her cadetship she has given many hours of volunteering to the local community and has completed Duke of Edinburgh Bronze and Silver Awards.
Contract Awarded for 2015 intake ict apprenticeship & cadetship program (3years)
The three-year cadetship involves Daniel balancing his studies at Fleetwood Nautical College with training on a vessel in the North Sea.