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History (in England and in France before 1789) a gentleman, usually a younger son, who entered the army to prepare for a commission


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[Sammet 1969, p. 683].
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For the Army, a cadetship is 15 months, the naval service is 20 months while a minimum of 30 months applies for the Air Corps.
Suggestions related to training included: providing incentives and loans to cover training costs, more intensive and directly relevant courses, more training assessors and facilities in rural areas, more immigrant training, and apprenticeships or cadetships.
Over the years a number of cruise brands have worked with the University of Plymouth to provide onboard training and cadetships for students within Hospitality and Cruise Operations Management.
But as he was too young to become a constable and the force wasn't offering any cadetships, he decided to take up a job as a sport centre groundsman - with the aim of building up his fitness in the gym.
Apprenticeships are available and, in some areas, the NHS offers cadetships as an entry route.
It recommended that schools are funded to expand workplace experience programs to include, for example, part-time and casual work, holiday cadetships and structured volunteering opportunities.
The nurse positions will comprise six AiNs, four cadetships in nursing and the recruitment of 10 Aboriginal people who are already nurses.
Eventually, we are told, she manages to obtain cadetships for two of her sons, as Mrs.
We're cutting out our potential leadership and university careers are still relatively unusual unless the person is strongly financially supported, for example (with) cadetships, teacher studentships and other scholarships .