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No pathological changes were found in the ileal, caecal and colonic segments of animals belonging to groups 1-4.
Of 85 salmonella isolates selected for serotyping, l 1 were derived from the single sheep found to be culture-positive from the ileal and the caecal lymph node (sheep 3313), and were chosen from Salmonella growth from the full range of selective broths and solid culture media used for primary isolation.
To establish whether APOE polymorphism influences proinflammatory cytokine production and survival in a murine model of sepsis, caecal ligation and puncture was performed on APOE3 (n=22) and APOE4 (n=16) targeted replacement mice, and survival was monitored for 72 hours.
Rectal contrast is extremely useful in evaluation of appendicitis as caecal distention is a prerequisite for some of the radiological signs discussed below.
Molecular analysis of jejunal, ileal, caecal and recto-sigmoidal human colonic microbiota using 16S rRNA gene libraries and terminal restriction fragment length polymorphism.
Although initially reported as caecal volvulus, in hindsight there were features indicative of the herniation.
The epiploic appendices are small pedunculated protuberances of fat located on the antimesenteric serosal surface of the colon along the teniae coli, predominantly along the caecal and sigmoid colon.
Caecal perforation with faecal peritonitis - unusual presentation of Bochdalek hernia in an adult: a case report and review of literature.
4) Radiological signs that point to an appendicular pathology should be sought, namely calcified faecolith, disappearance of the lateral border of the ipsilateral psoas muscle, and replacement of the usual grainy pattern of caecal content with a ground-glass appearance in the right iliac fossa.
Case report: Caecal volvulus in association with a mesenteric dermoid.
Caecal fermentation, putrefaction and microbiotas in rats fed milk casein, soy protein or fish meal.