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see alligatoralligator,
large aquatic reptile of the genus Alligator, in the same order as the crocodile. There are two species—a large type found in the S United States and a small type found in E China. Alligators differ from crocodiles in several ways.
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the common name for three genera of reptiles (Caiman, Melanosuchus, and Paleosuchus) of the family Alligatoridae. They are distinguished from true alligators by the absence of a bony septum in the olfactory cavity and the presence of a bony abdominal shell. There are five species, found in bodies of water in Central and South America.

The largest is the black caiman (Melanosuchus niger), which reaches a length of 4-5 m. It is found in the Amazon River basin. The female lays 30-40 eggs (each up to 9 cm) in a depression in moist soil near water. The black caiman feeds mainly on fish, but also eats waterfowl, marsh birds, and mammals. It will often attack small cattle, particularly during flash floods in semi-inundated pasture lands.


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(vertebrate zoology)
Any of five species of reptiles of the genus Caiman in the family Alligatoridae, differing from alligators principally in having ventral armor and a sharper snout.


, caiman
any tropical American crocodilian of the genus Caiman and related genera, similar to alligators but with a more heavily armoured belly: family Alligatoridae (alligators, etc.)
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En la actualidad, el orden esta compuesto por 22 especies de las cuales cinco se encuentran en Venezuela: Caiman crocodilus (baba), Paleosuchus palpebrosus y Paleosuchus trigonatus (caimanes enanos), Crocodylus intermedius (caiman del Orinoco) y Crocodylus acutus (caiman de la costa).
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Bronson, a male dwarf caiman, is currently in the shop in Chillingham Road, Heaton, Newcastle, and hopes to be reunited with Chopper, who is in the Ashington branch, once they both reach the age of two.
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