Calcaneal Spur

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Spur, Calcaneal


a thornlike bony excrescence on the lower surface of the calcaneal bones where the foot ligaments or Achilles tendon are attached; a type of osteophyte. Calcaneal spurs occur most frequently as a result of metabolic disorders or overtaxation of the foot ligaments in flatfootedness. Although a spur can cause severe pain, it is not visible externally. Detection is by means of a foot X ray. Treatment includes physical therapy, the use of special orthopedic inner soles and shoes, and—in cases of persistent severe pain—roentgenotherapy and surgery.

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While a plantar calcaneal spur is often seen on radiography, it does not confirm the diagnosis, correlate with severity of symptoms, or predict prognosis.
It is associated with a plantar calcaneal spur in approximately 50% of cases.
A PAIN specifically in the heel and related to weight-bearing is typical of either plantar fasciti or a calcaneal spur.