Calcaneal Spur

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Spur, Calcaneal


a thornlike bony excrescence on the lower surface of the calcaneal bones where the foot ligaments or Achilles tendon are attached; a type of osteophyte. Calcaneal spurs occur most frequently as a result of metabolic disorders or overtaxation of the foot ligaments in flatfootedness. Although a spur can cause severe pain, it is not visible externally. Detection is by means of a foot X ray. Treatment includes physical therapy, the use of special orthopedic inner soles and shoes, and—in cases of persistent severe pain—roentgenotherapy and surgery.

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The scientific article, "Plantar fasciitis and calcaneal spur formation are associated with abductor digiti minimi atrophy on MRI of the foot," describes a study conducted from August 2006 to January 2007 with 200 patients of all ages from 40 states referred for an MRI of the hindfoot due to the presence of heel pain.
It is associated with a plantar calcaneal spur in approximately 50% of cases.