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Relations of cigarette smoking and dietary antioxidants with placental calcification.
The addition of PRT to the Mitroflow bioprosthesis will help mitigate potential calcification and possibly further improve the tissue valve's clinically proven outstanding durability.
In order to determine the potential of this targeted protein delivery for both calcification therapy and preventative care we must establish an appropriate dose to ensure an effective treatment.
The beneficial effect of proper Klotho levels on vascular calcification goes beyond the hormone's effect on kidney function, suggesting a direct protective effect of Klotho on the vasculature, said Dr.
In the arterial wall, vitamin K regulates a protein (matrix Gla protein) that protects against arterial calcification.
Elmariah and his coworkers analyzed baseline data on bisphosphonate use and cardiovascular calcification in 3,636 participating women, 2,181 of whom were under age 65.
16) Calcification can also be seen in the AVM nidus.
Correlation, in this study, was defined as pathologic findings providing an acceptable and reasonable explanation for the radiologic findings, for example, calcifications identified in pathology for biopsies performed for radiologic calcifications.
While 2-9% of people over age 65 are diagnosed with aortic stenosis, (12) 48% of those over age 85 have aortic sclerosis, which is the calcification and thickening of the valve without left ventricular constriction.
Dystrophic calcification occurs when calcium is deposited in damaged tissue in a patient with normal serum calcium and phosphate levels.
KEY WORDS: marine acidification, calcification, respiration, Chlamys farreri