calcium hydroxide

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calcium hydroxide,

Ca(OH)2, colorless crystal or white powder. It is prepared by reacting calcium oxidecalcium oxide,
chemical compound, CaO, a colorless, cubic crystalline or white amorphous substance. It is also called lime, quicklime, or caustic lime, but commercial lime often contains impurities, e.g., silica, iron, alumina, and magnesia.
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 (lime) with water, a process called slaking, and is also known as hydrated lime or slaked lime. When heated above 580°C; it dehydrates, forming the oxide. Like the oxide, it has many uses, e.g., in limingliming
, application to the soil of calcium in various forms, generally as ground limestone, but also as marl, chalk, shells, or hydrated lime. Lime benefits soil by neutralizing acidity, improving texture, and increasing the activity of soil microorganisms.
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 soil, in sugar refining, and in preparing other compounds. It is a strong base and is widely used as an inexpensive alkali, often as a suspension in water (milk of lime); it is used in leather tanning to remove hair from hides. It is used in whitewashwhitewash,
white fluid commonly used as an inexpensive, impermanent coating for walls, fences, stables, and other exterior structures. It varies in composition, being generally a mixture of lime (quicklime), water, flour, salt, glue, and whiting, with other ingredients such as
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, mortarmortar,
in building, mixture of lime or cement with sand and water, used as a bedding and adhesive between adjacent pieces of stone, brick, or other material in masonry construction.
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, and plaster. It is only slightly soluble in water, about 0.2 grams per 100 cubic centimeters, so its solutions are weakly basic. Limewater is a clear, saturated water solution of calcium hydroxide. It is used in medicine to treat acid burns and as an antacid. Because calcium hydroxide readily reacts with carbon dioxide, CO2, to form calcium carbonate, a mixture of gases can be tested for the presence of CO2 by shaking it with limewater in a clear container; if CO2 is present, a cloudy calcium carbonate precipitate will form.

Calcium Hydroxide


slaked lime, Ca(OH)2, a strong base; colorless crystals. Density, 2.24 g per cm3.

Commercial calcium hydroxide is a fluffy white powder. It dehydrates to CaO when heated. Calcium hydroxide is only slightly soluble in water: 0.165 g per 100 g H2O at 20°C and 0.077 g at 100°C. Its solubility increases sharply in the presence of salts. An aqueous solution of calcium hydroxide is known as lime water; a suspension is known as milk of lime. Calcium hydroxide readily absorbs atmospheric carbon dioxide: Ca(OH)2 + CO2 = CaCO3 + H2O. The compound serves as an inexpensive alkali. It is also used in construction.

calcium hydroxide

[′kal·sē·əm hī′dräk‚sīd]
(inorganic chemistry)
Ca(OH)2 White crystals, slightly soluble in water; used in cement, mortar, and manufacture of calcium salts. Also known as hydrated lime.

hydrated lime

1. Same as dry hydrate.
2. Quick lime mixed with water, on the job, to form a lime putty; slaked lime.

calcium hydroxide

a white crystalline slightly soluble alkali with many uses, esp in cement, water softening, and the neutralization of acid soils. Formula: Ca(OH)2
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The behavior of calcium hydroxide as filler for mixtures of 16S AC type is affected by temperature and time.
For assessment of the properties of mineral additives their activity was determined by absorption of calcium hydroxide in the hardening system up to regulated limits (not higher than 1.
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Dead snail shells are washed thoroughly and heated in a box furnace at 1000[degrees]C for about 2 hours to decompose organic matters and convert the calcium carbonate to calcium oxide which in turn on exposure to atmosphere forms calcium hydroxide.
In the first stage, carbon dioxide penetrates into the surface pores of concrete and reacts with calcium hydroxide to form calcium carbonate (CaC[O.
The Ministry also specified the materials and wastes that are not allowed to be dumped into the sewage system which include agricultural, plant and animal remains such as bones, skin, wool and feathers, in addition to petroleum and its byproducts, chemicals like mineral salts, calcium hydroxide, glue, paint, rubber, glass, cement, waste and other forms of solid waste.
Fluoroelastomer dispersions are offered, along with dispersions of calcium hydroxide, magnesium oxide and curatives within a fluoroelastomer polymer.
As an alternative to synthetic resins for saving frescoes, the Florence team favors the use of nanoparticles of calcium hydroxide, or slaked lime.
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