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Using BCTMP in the furnish permits a lower glass transition temperature for hot soft calendered grades, allowing for lower calender temperature and pressure
Over the last few years, there have been reports in the trade press of smaller specialized calenders employed in conjunction with warm-up extruders to produce components on a continuous, as needed basis, for inline tire production.
The fully hydraulic positioning system is now a standard solution of the company, and many of its 2-, 3- and 4-roll calenders of medium and large size are running with this system.
Tender notice number : SSST PUBLICATION Dairy Calender ID:2015_SAI_82230_1
The structure is then guided through the second calender, where sheet from the second extruder is applied to the other side of the glass mat.
Charity organisation, Lions Club Windhoek Alte Feste unveiled its Advent Calender to raise funds for it's selected charity of the year.
It also drew breathless women to beefy firefighters and rescue dogs calenders.
s epic assertions of the Calenders classical ambitions and Spenser's eminent status as a "new" Virgil continue to dominate our understanding of this work; consequently, Spenser's modern critics often echo E.
Now he appears bare-chested again in the calenders now on sale in the Old Trafford club shop.
Tenders are invited for Wall Calenders Designing, Planing, Composing In 5 Colours Offset Printing Rcf/Rbl Calender With Wire Binding On Top Side Plastic Or Steel Wire Complete In All Respect Paper Imported Art Paper 170Gsm, Size 17.
Herrmann Ultrasonics specializes in laminating without heat or glue and is currently processing roll goods in six-foot widths on ultrasonic calenders.
The Buss AG "quantec" kneader is available in a new version adapted for direct feeding to PVC film calenders.