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As the Caliber is a car that is meant to be sold in markets out-side of North America, there is another powertrain setup available for the car: a 2.
Chrysler has been deploying hydroformed components on its trucks; with the Caliber it brings hydroforming to the compact car, with a hydroformed front closure and upper cross member.
50 caliber rifles in the worst possible light and smearing thousands of responsible, law-abiding firearms owners Voting from the Rooftops offers the inevitable policy recommendations:
Add 50 caliber sniper rifles to the National Firearms Act.
I look forward to working with the Caliber team and our board as we lead the company through the next stage of its development.
Genthert brings over 25 years of professional financial experience to Caliber Collision Centers.
Founded in 1991, with headquarters in Irvine, Caliber Collision Centers operates high-quality collision repair facilities in California and Texas.
According to Mark Sanders, Caliber's vice president of operations -- Texas, Caliber is proud to have been nominated for a United Way of San Antonio Volunteer of the Year Award.
From the event's inception, Caliber Collision Centers has been an active participant in this annual event and has brought out many of its own partners from the collision repair community.
Since its first acquisitions in January 1997, Caliber has rapidly grown to 68 centers with annual revenues exceeding $200 million.
In a lawsuit filed in the Los Angeles Superior Court yesterday, Caliber Collision Centers, a highly regarded California collision repair company with headquarters in Irvine, asked the court to compel the Bureau of Automotive Repair ("the bureau") to stop engaging in a regulatory practice that is "unlawful" and denies Caliber and other businesses their constitutional rights to due process.
Caliber Collision Centers, an Irvine-based operator of high-quality collision repair facilities in California and Texas, announced its most recent expansion into the Inland Empire with the grand opening of a newly renovated 35,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art collision repair center in Rancho Cucamonga, Calif.