calibration error

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instrument error

The difference between values indicated by an instrument and those that are actual. Normally, a correction card is placed next to the instrument indicating the instrument error. Also called calibration error.
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To minimize this calibration error sand it is expedient to use the cameras of lower power, symmetric structures made of low thermal expansion materials and to isolate CCD cameras thermally.
Three sources of uncertainty--transducer output accuracy, transducer calibration errors, and fluctuations in dynamic pressure--can contribute in different proportions to the overall uncertainty at low differential pressures.
Calculate the meter calibration error, if necessary, and complete the test report.
This text for engineering students presents a tutorial of measurement uncertainty methods, covering correlation, curve-fitting problems, probability plotting, combining results from different test methods, calibration errors, and uncertainty propagation for both independent and dependent error sources.
From the so-called gradient theory of the emergence of the thermovoltage, which is described in a simplified way below, conclusions can be drawn concerning the calibration errors that can arise in the case of an external recalibration of inhomogeneous thermocouples.
The company uses patented software to produce data that highlights very small petrol pump calibration errors which can then be used to pinpoint leaks in the system, helping petrol station owners improve margins and reduce environmental risks.
It makes the task much easier and tracing calibration errors more efficient.
Other targets diagnose uncompensated polarization effects occurring in instrument optics, ambient illumination in the measurement environment, and instrument calibration errors.
Specification and Calibration Errors in Measures of Portfolio Credit Risk
A check of the access authorization for the respective user must be ensured before every measurement or activity on the analyzer - Automatic blocking of measurement results in not passing the quality control measurement and calibration errors.
Of all the above, measurement and calibration errors are the most common.

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