calibration error

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instrument error

The difference between values indicated by an instrument and those that are actual. Normally, a correction card is placed next to the instrument indicating the instrument error. Also called calibration error.
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These deformations increasing the angle of calibration error raster element position detection device displacements in accordance with the calibration object.
In this paper, we propose a modified interference-plus-noise covariance matrix reconstruction based robust adaptive beamformer against array calibration errors.
A fully integrated electronic meter test application can perform the scheduling of field meter tests, track the status of late reports, electronically transfer completed reports to the lost measurement system, automatically process calibration errors and adjust volumes.
16, we see that the mean radiating temperature uncertainties can cause great calibration errors when low elevation angles are used under microwave hyperspectral condition.
2, the length for two pulses is within 10 ns and the calibration error of CSEIT for phase is lower than 7 microseconds.
Frequently Found Measurement Errors * Missing data * Low delivery of data to the system; * Incorrect configuration of EFM device; * Wrong specific gravity and/or Btu; * Calibration error corrections; * Improper size plate utilized (too small or too large); * Meter freezes; * Editing methodology; * Contractual compliance of calculations; * Contractual compliance meter calibrations and sample frequencies; and * Outdated gas quality information.
The reflection coefficient of the source is determined by extracting the source match error term from the VNA calibration error coefficients generated from the SOL calibration.
Note that these fluctuations are independent of the transmitter and calibration error, which is constant.
Results for the latter interval are slightly lower than previously reported in News Release 03-25 due to an instrument calibration error at Acme Analytical Laboratories Ltd.
As a result of a camera direct temperature impact by means of heat exchange the microscope frame thermally deforms yielding parasite scale picture displacements formed in the microscope coming out as calibration error constituents.

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