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The nominal internal diameter of a pipe. In contrast, the outside diameter is specified for brass and copper tubing and for brass and copper pipe of other than iron-pipe sizes.
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I have related this in order to show the mental calibre of the men with whom I was thrown in contact.
There were ten or a dozen boarders there; but they were honest foremen or commonplace clerks from the stores, of a very different calibre from the young Irishman.
Calibre LFD enables designers to make trade-off decisions on how to create a design that is more robust and less sensitive to the lithographic process window.
WASHINGTON & HOUSTON -- In the company's first operational update, Calibre Energy, Inc.
Calibre provides the resolution enhancement technologies (RET) necessary to deliver fast-turnaround times and silicon accuracy for sub-wavelength process technologies.
The Army Contracting Agency made multiple awards for environmental support services in the unrestricted portfolio to CALIBRE Systems, Inc.
STARC has decided to use Calibre YieldAnalyzer's CAA (critical area analysis) tool to develop yield-aware design methodology as a part of its "STARCAD-CEL (One step ahead of DFM)" project by accurately predicting particle yield impact to enable more robust design.
CALIBRE, an employee-owned management and technology services company, announced the following appointment.
She will provide CALIBRE domain leadership and direction to respond to the critical strategic and programmatic requirements of the U.
Gregory brings to CALIBRE proven skills in leadership, strategic planning, budget and operations integration, communications, and Congressional relations.
Calibre xRC was used at Cypress on the industry's first 72 Mb SRAM, as well as other custom memory, microcontroller and clock designs.
Mentor Graphics Corporation (Nasdaq:MENT) today announced the availability of Calibre[R] xRC[TM] and Calibre xL rule decks for TSMC's advanced 65nm process node.