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Calicivirus emergence from ocean reservoirs: zoonotic and interspecies movements.
It is most likely that the new disease, RHD, in fact originated from a previously harmless calicivirus of rabbits that underwent a spontaneous change in its genetic make-up.
Pet owners who suspect their cat has hemorrhagic calicivirus should call their veterinarian before bringing in the cat so containment steps can be taken, Foley said.
So they quarantined 1 square kilometer of Wardang Island, built pens enclosing individual warrens, and in March 1995 began inoculating rabbits with the calicivirus.
Since 2000, in the USA, there have been several reports of a severe haemorrhagic disease caused by a virulent strain of Feline Calicivirus (VS-FCV).
Sharp A Gibson L Norton M Ryan B Marks A and Semeraro L (2002) The breeding-season diet of wedge-tailed eagles (Aquila audax) in western New South Wales and the influence of Rabbit Calicivirus Disease.
It wasn't until a calicivirus was identified in California sea lions in 1972 that researchers realized the pig virus had come from the sea, and had retreated there.
The sickness was particularly difficult to diagnose because most cats only displayed common upper-respiratory problems typical to calicivirus until the emergence of more serious symptoms, and by that time it was usually too late to save the cats, Prince said.
A high fraction of older children have antibodies to enteric calicivirus (O'Ryan et al.
Broad-scale control methods that require passive transport of control agents by dispersing rabbits, such as myxomatosis and calicivirus disease, are unlikely to prove effective where rabbit populations occur in small, isolated sub-units.
PRELIMINARY data from South Australia's Flinder's Ranges reveal the beginnings of a recovery among native plant species in the wake of rabbit calicivirus disease.
This study was supported by the grants "Studio dei meccanismi evolutivi dei calicivirus umani" (Italian Scientific Research Fund PRIN 2008), "Caratterizzazione molecolare di norovirus circolanti nella popolazione pediatrica" (University of Palermo, Italy, Fondi di Ateneo 2007), and "Epidemiologia molecolare e studio dei meccanismi evolutivi di norovirus" (University of Parma, Italy, Fondi di Ateneo 2008).