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see aerobicsaerobics
, [Gr.,=with oxygen], system of endurance exercises that promote cardiovascular fitness by producing and sustaining an elevated heart rate for a prolonged period of time, thereby pumping an increased amount of oxygen-rich blood to the muscles being used.
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, calisthenics
light exercises designed to promote general fitness, develop muscle tone, etc.
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Mernda s calisthenics, football, cricket and netball community will soon have more room to grow with the Victorian Coalition Government contributing more than $700,000 towards a new sporting pavilion and multipurpose training facility at Woodland Waters Recreation Reserve.
Activity types included stationary, menial tasks, walking, calisthenics, cadence marching, combatives, running, obstacles/climbing, crawling, and lifting/carrying.
Members lift free weights, jump on boxes, climb ropes and do simple but taxing calisthenics.
Running and calisthenics are a more effective way to lose weight.
Designed to be carried out with a minimum of apparatus--living room furniture works just fine--Living Room Yoga includes the traditional sun salutation, held standing poses, core strengthening exercises, yoga calisthenics, and relaxation cool-down.
For health one should stick to running and calisthenics, there is nothing better.
The choreography didn't help, making these Brides of Satan look more like a calisthenics class than a frenzied gathering.
A SUICIDE attacker detonated a bomb at the Pakistan army's main training base yesterday, killing at least 42 soldiers as they started their calisthenics exercises, Information Minister Mohammed Ali Durrani said.
Somewhere in America, a fit, tan, hairless 19-year-old straight boy who goes by the online name "Weatiez" demonstrates calisthenics while standing in his bedroom with a poster of a hot blond topless chick on the wall behind him.
The slender, rangy 14-year-old collapsed during the camp's introductory calisthenics program.
The former, a duet with Dance Theatre of Harlem principals Tai Jimenez and Ramon Thielen, proved an overly long combat-cum-mating routine: the latter, a tribute to American soldiers, contained more calisthenics than inspired choreography.