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fire alarm box

A small box, usually red, having a thin sheet of glass or plastic which, if broken, activates a fire alarm system.
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It links two important partnerships between MTC, Caltrans and the CHP: the 511 system and the Service Authority for Freeways and Expressways, or SAFE, which operates the fleet of Freeway Service Patrol tow trucks and the network of roadside call boxes.
Just as with the emergency call boxes, they were placed at strategic locations.
She continued: "My Bill will make it a criminal offence to place these cards in call boxes.
Cellular call boxes are being put in areas where installation costs have prohibited the utilization of hardwire call boxes.
In total, Comarco will upgrade 2,500 call boxes to digital wireless and add TTY devices to approximately 340 digital call boxes.
Dozens of BT call boxes around the country have been given a Boy George theme to help promote the single Cold Shoulder and a cover version of David Bowie's Starman in the first preview of its kind.
has completed the last phase of a contract for the installation of wireless remote emergency call boxes on I-15 (Phase I) and wireless remote video poles on I-80 (Phase II) for the Nevada Department of Transportation.
The idea for #399 - or #FWY using the telephone keypad - came as the proliferation of cell phones led to a decline in the use of freeway call boxes.
Under the terms of the agreement, Comarco will upgrade the installed base of approximately 1,400 call boxes with digital and text-telephony (TTY) technologies and retrofit approximately 1,000 call box sites to improve accessibility for persons with mobility limitations.
The blue police public call boxes were a common sight on the streets of Britain's cities from the late 1920s until the Sixties.
BT are ditching big-name celebrities for a new advertising campaign to persuade the public to use call boxes.
has assembled a project team consisting of itself, Republic Electric and Cal Quality Electronics to bid on the design, production, installation and maintenance of the new generation of emergency call boxes required for the "Cellular Call Box Upgrade and Maintenance Service" projects for numerous Service Authority for Freeway Emergencies ("SAFE") programs within California.