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fire alarm box

A small box, usually red, having a thin sheet of glass or plastic which, if broken, activates a fire alarm system.
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The roadside emergency call boxes will aid distressed motorists to directly and quickly connect to the SCTEX traffic control room.
I expect my business in Holland will run its course over the next 12 months as there is less need to use emergency call boxes," he said.
PAYPHONE users in Warwickshire are being asked to contact their MP over plans to axe several call boxes.
Efforts to secure the garage, as well as the three surface parking lots, revolved around lighting, camera placement, and call boxes, according to Aviv.
It can be used with compatible cell phones, cordless phones, emergency call boxes and pay phones.
Last year, BT removed 970 public call boxes in Scotland alone.
The guidelines on the removal and re-siting of public call boxes have been amended to clarify the procedures, and in particular the guidelines on the removal of a payphone service from a single site have been reinforced.
Indeed, many 999 calls are still made from the call boxes.
Witness Call Boxes, 1999-2000, by Bradley McCallum and Jacqueline Tarry, may have been visually underwhelming, but from its perfunctory cast-metal emergency callboxes emanated the voices of cops and the families of police brutality victims.
With mobile phones continuing to increase in popularity, call boxes are being used less and less by the public.
THE cost of ringing directory inquiries is now 40p from call boxes as well as every other phone.
The Mexican government, in partnership with Telefonos de Mexico, has installed more than 12,000 solar-powered phone-repeating stations and hundreds of emergency roadside call boxes.