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Designed to demonstrate how a single picture book can be used as a preliminary tool to illustrate the growth and development of an idea, it further provides an opportunity to look at a variety of genres and how they can be located in the library media center by utilization of the Dewey decimal call number system.
Other materials utilized, in addition to books from the media center collection, included a basic map of the United States, a copy of "The Cat and the Fiddle" nursery rhyme, and two sets of index cards for the call number activity.
Each student was given a research card with a topic and call number and sent to find its location in the library media center.
Next, I held up a card with the Dewey decimal call number 811 printed on it and reminded students that the call number is like an address (it tells us where to find a book).
After reading the stories to the group, a quick check of each book showed its call number to be a capital E and three letters.
We checked the call number label on this book and found that 398.
Replay call numbers are 888-348-4629 for domestic participants and 913-312-2900 for international participants: confirmation code: "713481.
1) Richard Cushee-Matched pair of terrestrial and celestial globes, 1731: Call numbers Map Globe 6 and Map Globe 7 (see 'Gateways' April 2005).
It includes Dewey call numbers, Sears and Library of Congress subject headings, summaries, annotations, interest levels, book records (hardcover, paperback and Spanish) and library binding records.
Identification of pertinent "Established Business Relationship" rules associated with Do Not Call numbers to find consumers who can be contacted.
There were 3,378,272 usable records from the 10% systematic random sample of which 2,199,165 records had call numbers and could be analyzed by subject.