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(1) In man, thickening of the skin on the hands and feet caused by friction and pressure.

(2) Most catarrhine monkeys have ischial callosities, or hairless areas of heavily fat-padded skin in the inferior dorsal hip region. In large anthropoid apes, calluses on the dorsal side of the middle phalanges of the fingers are used for support while walking.

(3) Cushionlike thickenings of the skin and fatty tissue on the lower surface of the feet in all tylopods (camels and extinct forms) and over the carpi, elbows, knees, and breast in all camelids.

(4) Nuptial callosities are rough masses on the forelegs of male frogs.

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The induced calluses (aged four weeks) were subcultured in the media named MC1, MSC2, MSC3 and MSC4, thirty explants per medium.
The Warning: Calluses Calluses, areas of thickened skin, form from repetitive pressure.
The nodules, which are common in singers, are similar to calluses on the foot.
So as a health professional, she has all the credentials to deal with everything from foot disorders, to corns, calluses, dry, cracked skin, verrucas and ingrowing toenails - but just makes the whole experience of foot treatments much more pleasant in fab surroundings.
2011) observed that the N6 medium, which contains lower nitrogen levels than the MS medium, promoted a higher induction and maintenance of embryogenic calluses in elite maize lines.
Good growth of calluses were seen when the concentrations of both the auxins were high.
Now an independent dancer, instructor, and choreographer in New York City, she still finds herself with occasional splits, ingrown nails, bunion pain, calluses, and blisters.
During the procedure a pedicure expert accurately removes the coarsened layer of skin, calluses and applies special medical cream.
The disorder is characterized by painful, blistering calluses on the feet and limbs that limit a patient's ability to walk.
Development of plant regeneration system from seed-derived calluses of centipede grass Eremochloa ophiuroides (Munro.
Claiming to eliminate blisters and calluses as well as improve flexibility and grip, the technology is as impressive as the fit.