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To solve the problem, a new special calorimeter was designed using two thermoelectric devices (TEMs).
While the different types of calorimeter includes differential scanning calorimeter, isothermal micro-calorimeter, and adiabatic.
Lee, "Development and applications of chip calorimeters as novel biosensors," Nanobiosensors Dis.
On each day of calorimetric quantification, four pens (4 piglets, nursery study; 2 pigs, growing study; or 1 barrow/gilt, finishing studies) were moved from their resident pen into a predetermined calorimeter set at the same temperature and humidity as their respective chamber.
The results revealed that the calorimeter gelatinization temperatures and the enthalpy values of the tapioca starch mixtures increased and decreased significantly, respectively, with increasing xanthan gum content.
Approximately 4-8 mg of each sample was weighed with a microbalance and placed in a Pyroprobe (CDS Analytical Model 2000) for rapid pyrolysis in a pyrolysis-combustion flow calorimeter.
The electromagnetic (EM) calorimeter absorbs energy from particles that interact electromagnetically, including all charged particles such as electrons and photons.
The detector calibration is performed in three steps: (1) relative ROC ratio measurements in which a standard calorimeter is placed in one beam and a monitor detector is placed in the other beam and then the two detector outputs are compared; (2) the standard calorimeter is replaced by the DUT to be calibrated and the two detector outputs are compared; then (3) the first step is repeated.
It was observed however, during repeated calorimetric experiments, followed by frequent chemical composition analyses, that the composition of the residual gas from the calorimeter does not obey the chemical equilibrium at room temperature, but at an unexpectedly high temperature instead (Rugescu, 2005).
The calorimeter was first planned to fly on the Chandra X-ray Observatory, but it split off in the early 1990s to fly on a different X-ray telescope that was soon canceled.
Con-Trol-Cure's TFC-9000 is a thin film calorimeter that can test inks, coatings and adhesives to ensure consistent curing.
It installs into chromatograph, calorimeter, moisture analyzer and stack sampling systems.