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If Drake, Lancaster, Calthrop, Mildmay and others have earned their fame, then pamphlets such as Robarts' simply give the deserving their due.
Malmaison's head chef Patrick Harness is sourcing local produce for a new menu at the Birmingham hotel; Michael Leviseur of the Organic Smokehouse; Herman Mittelholzer and Gail Calthrop, fudge makers
We analyzed the relationship between human health impacts and reductions in pollutant concentrations because of the spread of VECs according to the methods employed by Calthrop (Maddison et al.
Ile write in gall and poyson gainst my nurce This Fairyland, for not rewarding merit: If euer I come back Ile be a Calthrop To pricke my countries feet, that tread on me.
The implications of this for pricing have been investigated for the special case that commuting is a strict complement to labor by Parry and Bento (2001), Calthrop (2001) and Van Dender (2001), each using a different model of the transport market and making different assumptions about the available policy instruments.
Maddison, David, David Pearce, Olof Johansson, Edward Calthrop, Todd Litman, and Eric Verhoef.
Moolgavkar and Luebeck (1996), Edward Calthrop and David Maddison (1996), and others have testified to the unsuitability of regression analysis for testing the relationship between PM and mortality.