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1. In ancient architecture, an arched roof, ceiling, or covering; a vault.
2. A room having an arched ceiling; a vaulted room.
3. A small room, small hall, or chamber.
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camara plants collected an average of 684 [+ or -] 105 fruits/[m.
Russell-wood, produzido em 1977, sobre o poder local na America portuguesa focara exatamente o caso da Camara de Vila Rica, (28) mas que, paradoxalmente, isto nao fora capaz de despertar o aparecimento de novos trabalhos que verticalizassem o seu estudo.
Camara thinks he has another five years at the top but assistant Andy Millen thinks he should double that.
Bruce said: "I have seen Camara play against my teams in the past and score against us.
The opener came after 59 minutes as Camara took Barry's pass in his stride, rounding goalkeeper Muzadzi and slotting into an unguarded net.
Moxey, whose astute wheeling and dealing has already put Wolves in profit on Camara, is no fool and he is prepared to once again bide his time to get the right price.
But seven minutes later, after solid defending denied Crouch and Camara, Brentford grabbed a stunning equaliser when Sodje went up for a long cross by Jay Tabb and nodded it over the line at the far post.
Interviewed in Bauer's film, theologian Leonardo Boff summed up the message: "Helder Camara was a prophet, a seed that is constantly producing fruit.
And after fulfilling his lifelong ambition of joining a top-flight English club by signing a four-year contract, Camara intends to put his experiences of Japan and South Korea last summer to good use in the Premiership.
Camara found the crystal chandeliers for the lobby when she was shopping in the San Fernando Valley.

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