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see videocassette recordervideocassette recorder
(VCR), device that can record television programs or the images from a video camera on magnetic tape (see tape recorder); it can also play prerecorded tapes.
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A one-piece hand-held television camera with built-in videocassette recorder, microphone, and battery pack, utilizing a charge-coupled device array as its light-sensitive element.


(CAMera reCORDER) A combination video camera, recorder and player in one unit. Prior to camcorders, the camera and magnetic tape recorder were separate devices cabled together. In 1983, Sony introduced the Betamovie, the first camcorder, which used half-inch analog Betamax videotape cassettes. However, the cassette had to be removed and inserted into a separate videotape player for viewing. Subsequently, camcorders were designed to play as well as record.

Today, all video cameras are digital camcorders that record onto flash memory cards, DVDs, hard drives or tape cassettes. In addition, every modern smartphone is also a camcorder. See SD formats, HD formats, DTV and digital camera.

The First Camcorder
In 1983, Sony's Betamovie was the first combination camera and recorder in one unit. Although camcorders have gotten quite small, broadcast-quality cameras used by major media are still rather large and heavy. (Image courtesy of DrT,

Cam, But No Corder
In 1939, this RCA video camera used the all-electronic Iconoscope picture tube but did not even have a viewfinder. That came later. Videotape recording would not come until 1956. (Image courtesy of Early Television Foundation,
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The SCRI quantitative market size data tables for past year, current year, forecast for next year show total number of end-user facilities, total market size in dollars spent purchasing camcorders, total camcorder units purchased, average number of camcorder units purchased per end-user facility, total number and percentage purchasing camcorders by year, and average price per camcorder.
Industry estimates say there are currently 8 million 8mm camcorder owners in the United States, who up to now have had to "re-rig" a series of cables and connections to obtain copies of their home movies or transfer them to VHS tapes for in-home viewing.
A lineup of nine feature-rich camcorders with breakthrough technology to benefit the consumer - Dual Flash Memory and Advanced Zoom - as well as advances in image quality, ergonomics and battery usage, is being introduced by Canon U.
Get ready for the future, as Canon's newest HV10 HDV camcorder delivers high definition video in a sleek and stylish package, that's loaded with imaginative new features and affordable at an estimated selling price of $1,299.
Indeed, the DC50 DVD Camcorder features an array of digital camera features such as a built-in flash with red-eye reduction; PictBridge compatibility and a Print & Share button for quick and easy one-touch printing or downloading of images.
This feature dramatically improves battery life and makes the camcorder ready for those moments that may have otherwise been missed waiting for the camcorder to warm up.
Until now, still images from digital camcorders have not reached the quality of DSCs, and DSCs have not been able to offer digital video capture other than short clips.
This camcorder works as a digital still camera for taking snapshots.
a leader in digital imaging solutions, today unveiled four new camcorders for its VIXIA lineup, with the introduction of three VIXIA HF R-series camcorder models, the VIXIA HF R42, VIXIA HF R40 and VIXIA HF R400, and the expansion of the acclaimed G-series line with the new VIXIA HF G20 camcorder.
camcorder industry with nearly 50 percent market share for all camcorder sales.
This arrangement brings one of our most popular and easy to use products together with the very latest digital video camcorder technology from the industry leader.