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Motahari said: "The fresh layer of plaster on the camera cable was still wet, which shows the intruders had entered the premises the night before.
The Fish TV system includes a submersible camera shaped like a fish ("to minimize spooking"), a 5-inch black and white monitor with sunshield, built-in adjustable infrared lighting to improve low-light viewing, and 50 feet of camera cable.
In the current version, the Ethernet cable has female leads on both ends, the power cable has male leads and the camera cable has a re-keyed female connector.
Models HT40 and HT400 feature a maximum cable length of 200 meters (660 feet) with an optional Gore special camera cable.
Both the camera cable and light guide exit from the rear of the camera head, steering clear of the doctor's hands and the operative field.
The StarFighter VCAM comes with a six-foot camera cable and includes a detachable tilt/swivel base for maximum flexibility and range.
com) designs and manufactures specialized camera video cables and camera cable assemblies for machine vision technology.
com)-- CCTV cable, also known as security camera cable is a vital part of any CCTV camera installation.
However, with the minutes ticking away, Bow Tie staff realised they had not brought enough camera cable with them to reach their van.