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(Said of people, computers, algorithms, programs) (To be) a success at a given task.

E.g. "WYSIWYG is a clear win for small documents".

"winnitude" is the quality that something which wins has. "winning" is often (ab)used as an adjective.

Synonyms: cuspy, elegant. Antonym: lose. Compare lossy, lossless.


(1) A short name for Windows versions; for example, Win7, Win8 and Win10. In the 1990s, the executable program name for Windows 3.0 and 3.1 was WIN.EXE, which was typed in after DOS booted. Microsoft surely must have enjoyed having millions of people type "win" every time they launched Windows. See Windows 3.0.

(2) All the Windows "how to's" in this encyclopedia contain a "Win" prefix.

(3) (WIN) (Wireless Intelligent Network) A control system for cellular phone networks. Also known as IS-41 and ANSI-41, WIN and EDGE were key elements in the UWC-136 initiative. See UWC Consortium.
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SUNSHINE STREET can't win because he's already proved he's unable to run as fast as some of the others.
Manager Redknapp was confident his side would do so but said: "Listen, if we can't win, then we don't deserve to be in the competition.
Liverpool boss: We can't win title LIVERPOOL boss Roy Hodgson has warned his club will not win the title until they get new owners.
Redknapp is confident they will do so but said: "Listen, if we can't win then we don't deserve to be in the competition.
Until I can't win it I will fight, right to the end," said Button.
ENGLAND'S day of Grand Slam reckoning has arrived and fly-half Toby Flood declared: "There's not a single guy who believes we can't win.
Some top results include the MSNBC blog post "Why Romney can't win in 2012" and a Fox News article entitled, "Christie: Romney 'Can Win This Election.
It's coming to something when the likes of Bernard Tomic, rated by many as the best young player in the world, has to justify to his fellow Aussies why he can't win it.
You Can't Win If You Don't Enter" is written by a self-declared contest queen who has won tens of thousands of dollars annually simply by entering contests.
To the best of my knowledge you can't win if you never play.
And if you can't win the hearts and minds of the people, you can't win the war.
We can't win a grandiose war on poverty, but after a tragedy comes opportunity.