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IPTube DLT1/E1-Ecans utilize a Digital Signal Processor that detects and cancels echo at the far end so that the packet network delay has no impact on echo.
ClearSpeech-InLine(TM) is a digital controller that cancels ambient and transmission noise from the incoming voice signal of any wireless communications system so that it is received through the speaker clearly.
GIPS AEC for IP Phones is a highly efficient, full-duplex speech processing software package that cancels acoustic feedback without audible echo or clipping.
One never lightly cancels classes, for to do so in some way suggests that we can be bullied by the perpetrators of such a heinous crime,'' Gann said in the letter which also offered a $10,000 reward for information that would solve the crime.
She said: "Not only does it cost money to cancel an operation at the last minute, it is also a lost opportunity for someone to receive treatment, whether it is the patient or the hospital which cancels it.
The product electronically cancels the low frequency noise emitted by power equipment.