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cannel coal:

see coalcoal,
fuel substance of plant origin, largely or almost entirely composed of carbon with varying amounts of mineral matter. Types

There is a complete series of carbonaceous fuels, which differ from each other in the relative amounts of moisture, volatile matter,
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Cannel Coal


a variety of sapropelic fossil coal that is black with a grayish or slightly brown cast and a dull satiny luster. The fracture is flat-conchoidal and smooth, and the structure is massive. Because of the considerable density and viscosity of cannel coal, it can be used as a material for artistic and household items. Under a microscope, cannel coal is an aggregate chiefly of microspores and sparse fragments of megaspores in a brown basic mass without fusite or larger plant remains. The basic mass is sapropelic with an admixture of humus matter. Cannel coal has a high hydrogen content (6–9 percent) and can be lit by a match. It is found in coal seams in the form of intercalations or lenses.

cannel coal

[′kan·əl ‚kōl]
A fine-textured, highly volatile bituminous coal distinguished by a greasy luster and blocky, conchoidal fracture; burns with a steady luminous flame. Also known as cannelite.
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Cannel highlighted the efforts of ICAI and praised the orgnisation's vibrancy and dynamism.
Being as I am of gourmet persuasion, even back in my student days, I made sure one of the first places I located was the local patisserie, fortunately only a few minutes' walk from my hall of residence and it was in their sweet-scented little coffee shop that I saw my first cannel.
Iran has plans on construction of water cannel from the Caspian Sea to central areas, particularly to the Semnan province.
It was, however, with cannel coal that the mine registered its greatest success.
The teachers I remember in the juniors, which were in two big black huts, were Mrs Carter, Westwood, Gill and Mitchell, and seniors were Miss Hill (headmistress), Mrs Cannel and Miss Thompson and Kelly.
One gorgeous day while taking photographs at Point Lobos just outside Cannel, California, I heard a car approaching on the park road.
Cannel offered numerous examples illustrating the fallibility of memory of which therapists should have been aware.
Darren Davis and Jason Cannel also netted for the visitors before Wood grabbed a late consolation through substitute Craig Shivers.
of Fort Wayne, shoe retailer The Finish Line of Indianapolis, Monroe Guaranty Insurance of Cannel and Indianapolis-based airline ATA.
One specimen has a petrographic composition typical of a cannel shale, in which sporinite is the most abundant organic constituent; the other is characterized by Botryococcus-alginite bodies typical of a boghead coal.
Two are 3 m thick and one 5 m thick, The coal is of similar excellent quality to that at Oreganal but some is cannel coal, which has a rather impervious structure and tends to decrepitate and deflagrate when burned.