canted wall

cant wall

cant window
A wall canted on plan. cant window, cant-bay window A bay window erected on a plan of canted outline; the sides of the window are at an angle with respect to the wall; also see angled bay window.
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In addition, this assignment consisted of the installation of a canted wall in the reception and main conference areas with wall mounted sconces, giving the office space a sheik, modern effect.
1 Compressed corridor framed by canted wall planes leads from the entrance to the dining space.
The report said: "The new Nunthorpe Methodist Church, built on similar design to Coventry Cathedral with canted walls and windows directing all the daylight to the Communion table, had a capacity congregation for its opening and consecration on Saturday.
The interior is 13 A' feet wide at the floor but, because of the canted walls, 16 feet at the eave.
It has no skin; its canted walls of fleshy concrete, silky to the touch, are both its structure and epidermis.
Shortridge and Callas have domesticated elements of this vocabulary: weighty, asymmetrical roofs; splayed columns; and canted walls.
Street with recessed lighting and canted walls holding displays.
Gunter Behnisch adopted a different approach with a kindergarten in Stuttgart, conceived as a stranded ship, complete with portholes, leaning decks and canted walls (AR September 1991).
83 m) in diameter, is notched into one of the canted walls that enclose the whale-like hulk of the main auditorium.
As one moves through a Niles house, chromed columns and canted walls reflect and deflect the light, containing the open spaces and exploding the enclosed.