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common name for wild and domestic waterfowl of the family Anatidae, which also includes geese and swans. It is hunted and bred for its meat, eggs, and feathers. Strictly speaking, duck refers to the female and drake to the male.
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According to Rich there were several open holes loaded with hundreds of ducks, mostly canvasbacks.
Hydrilla control on Lake Wales, Florida, led to reduced ring-necked duck (Aythya collaris) and canvasback (Aythya valisineria) use of the lake (6).
Our host had told us of late October cold snaps that brought vast rafts of canvasbacks, but they were the only species in short supply during our warm and pleasant stay.
Also, season length for canvasbacks has been increased to allow for a one-bird daily bag during the full 60-day duck season.
The USFWS is proposing to close the hunting season on canvasbacks because of recent population declines and a poor outlook for production.
Canvasbacks showed up on the breeding grounds in big numbers across their range this spring.
The statewide duck bag limit is seven ducks, but within that limit hunters may not have more than two hen mallards, one pintail, one canvasback, two redheads and three scaup.
With bluebills and canvasbacks less dependable, ring-neck ducks have definitely filled the void," he said.
Without the limitations of traditional stationary traps, which generally caught only mallards, blacks and wood ducks, airboat crews have been able to travel rapidly at the most opportune times to the Ipswich River in Topsfield one night - and 120 miles away on the Housatonic the next capturing blue-winged and green-winged teal, wigeon, pintail, hooded mergansers, coot, canvasbacks, ringnecks, rails and even herons and grebes.
In 2002, Beatty became the first woman to take Pennsylvania's top honors in the contest, when her entry depicting a pair of canvasbacks -- which included the first man-made structure to ever appear on the winning artwork -- won the 2003 Pennsylvania Duck Stamp Contest.
Green-wings, grey ducks, bluebills, canvasbacks, redheads; it seemed like each and every outing brought something different.
The dramatic flights of mallards, wood ducks, canvasbacks, black ducks, hooded mergansers, whistling ducks, redheads, scaup, mottled ducks, teal and pintails are to a great degree a credit to the biologists who work behind the scenes to ensure their productivity and survival.