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In the next section, the capacitive touch screens market has been segmented by types and major applications.
The market for capacitive position sensors is estimated to grow at a significant pace during the forecast period.
The company's IP portfolio is backed by hundreds of capacitive touch-sensing patents and includes true single-layer sensor solutions with Cypress's Single-Layer Independent Multi-Touch (SLIM) sensor for dramatically reduced touchscreen costs.
For self capacitive sensing arrangements, capacitance is formed between the sensor pad and the ground.
The CapaNCDT 6200 controller for non-contact capacitive displacement and position sensors provides a modular, measurement system suitable for R&D, test, OEM and production environments, where flexibility to expand the measurement system and high precision measurement are key.
We expect the global market for capacitive touch-sensing controllers to post a robust CAGR of 15% through the year 2020, said Shrinivas Shikaripurkar, manager for the Electronics & Semiconductor practice at research analysis firm MarketsandMarkets.
In another report design and operation of a capacitive sensor for water content monitoring in a production line was presented [11].
Figure 2 shows the models of rectangular waveguides with the capacitive window or the inductive window inside and the equivalent lumped element circuits.
An emerging configuration for projected capacitive touch screens is sensor-on-cover, also referred to as OGS or TOL, which requires the capability for on-cover lens finishing, as well as a new ITO (indium-tin-oxide) patterning processes.
8" QVGA capacitive touch screen, as well as an MP3 player and built-in FM radio, and supports access to Orange Signal Boost, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
We've done a lot with the surfacing to mimic big rotary knobs so they're 100% capacitive," says Dan Mittelbrun, senior manager, TRW Product Planning for North America Body Control Systems.
New capacitive hopper level sensors from Turck in Minneapolis are designed specifically for plastics.