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Detection of juvenile hormone-active compounds by larvae of the marine annelid Capitella sp 1.
Species 1995 1998 AMPHARETIDAE Ampharete labrops Harman, 1961 x Ampharete sp x Amphicteis acutifrons Grube, 1850 x Amphicteis sp Grube, 1850 x CAPITELLIDAE Capitella capitata Fabricius, 1780 x x Mediomastus californiensis Hartman, 1944 x x Mediomastus sp x x Notomastus magnus Hartman, 1947 x Notomastus tennis Moore, 1909 x x Notomastus sp x CIRRATULIDAE Aphelochaeta marioni Saint-Joseph, 1894 x Aphelochaeta sp x Cirriformia spirabranchia Moore, 1904 x x Monticellina tesselata Harman, 1960 x Protocirrineris socialis Blake, 1996 x Protocirrineris sp x COSSURIDAE Cossura candida Hartman, 1955 x x Cossura sp A x x DORVILLEIDAE Dorvillea sp x EUNICIDAE Lysidice ninetta Verril, 1900 x Marphisa disjuncta Harman, 1961 x M.
Cuomo also plans to submit a paper to SEDIMENTARY PETROLOGY on the geological aspects of the Capitella worms.
The dominant polychaetes included Streblospio benedicti (65% of the total), Capitella capitata (17%), Haploscoloplos ap.
Disturbance and rectuirment: A test of solute and substrate specificity using Mercenaria mercenaria and Capitella sp.
Effect of aging on reproduction in a marine polychaete Capitella sp.
After December, diversity increased markedly through successive recruitments of small-sized species such as the polychaetes Capitella sp.