car door

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elevator car door

A door at the entrance to an elevator car.
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The student says he dragged her gym and door open managed escape towards the car park at the back of the gym and she heard him open a car door.
Wearing a light-coloured jacket and hat, he was seen trying the car door in the early hours of Saturday morning.
Mr Whelan said it was his mum who alerted him to the fact that his car door was slightly ajar and when he went to check it, found his items missing.
When we went back outside Shannise was hysterical and said the clown had opened the car door and was ragging the baby seat, trying to pull it out of the car but could not get it out.
She refused and the car drove off before stopping at the next junction, at Randolph Street, when the man opened the car door and grabbed at the girl's wrist.
Following his line, Iniesta promptly gets smashed in the face with the car door before being shown collapsing to the floor, the report added.
The fight erupted on April 10, 2010, when the victim's girlfriend Laura opened a car door, accidentally striking Stuart.
Mold Crown Court heard a care worker was parked in Mold, chatting on her phone, when her car door flew open.
Eastman took out his wallet to appease the menacing robber but then quickly wedged his car door between himself and the robber.
A train in Sakai, Osaka Prefecture, on Thursday traveled about 140 meters with the crew apparently unaware that a baby carriage was stuck in a car door, police and railway operator Nankai Electric Railway Co.
Think of tuft fractures, which commonly occur when a child's finger is crushed in a car door, like toe fractures, advised Dr.
Ethanol plants using wood waste will be springing up and technology companies are in the prototype stage of making car door panels from wood waste and soya bean oil.