car frame

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An elevator car frame all of whose members are located below the car platform.
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The restrictions on the car frame and engine are limited so that the knowledge, creativity, and imagination of the students are challenged.
In no more than 60 seconds, the shredder can break down an entire car frame.
Weaver was treated for minor injuries after the fleeing suspect's pickup truck squeezed him between a patrol car frame and open door.
In one demonstration, I use plastic toy cars with two axles that can be easily removed and snapped back into the car frame (Figure 1).
In the safety stakes, the car frame has been designed to disperse the energy created by a collision seven ways.
Neighbours said the two boys had been playing inside the vehicle for less than five minutes when Michael's head became trapped between the window and the car frame.
The two boys had been playing inside the vehicle when Michael's head became trapped between the window and the car frame, according to reports.
The 33 papers published discuss such topics as economic aspects of modern environmental policy, the effect of greenhouse gas emissions trading on investment decisions for biomass-to-energy production, minimizing fuel consumption through optimum material selection by a car frame production company, insights from South Africa into decision support for long-term water resource management in semi-arid areas, and methods for comparing the sustainability performance of corporations.
Specifically, the researchers are employing a performance car simulator, built into a car frame, allowing customers and car engineers to compare and contrast potential sounds from a range of vehicles and decide which they prefer.
Fiberforge is a ready-for-market, high-volume method for manufacturing fiber-reinforced advanced-composite that can be used to make the car frame, parts, fenders and hoods.
It is a race car in it street car frame, which means its owners like to show it of--all of it.