car frame

subpost, car frame

An elevator car frame all of whose members are located below the car platform.
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Michael Coast, president, Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center, said, 'A key objective for showing our new car frame at SEMA is to gauge industry interest in the lightweight frame as we look to commercialise the design next year.
Supply of 1 bucket washer consisting of a car frame and superstructure of a clean water capacity of 5,000 liters.
The force acts on the elevator car frame to suppresses the lateral vibration of the elevator car to less than half.
will manufacture and sell aluminum bumper beam material and car frame material for the automotive industry in the United States.
The three preferred positions were as follows: in the center of the front of the car near the in-vehicle navigation system, on the dashboard in front of the driver, and on the left side just below the front-left car frame (see Figure 1).
In no more than 60 seconds, the shredder can break down an entire car frame.
In early 1943, Dad took a Model T rear end, a part of a car frame, a cut-down Gleaner combine auger, an IHC sliding PTO shaft - all of which he had on hand or got at the Mose Levy junkyard - up to Waggoner Welding in Washington (Dad did not have a welder) and got them welded into a posthole digger.
Fully operated by robots, each car frame came to form with the guidance of agile robot arms that turned, twisted, raised, swooped down and finally found the specific welding point to bind.
Weaver was treated for minor injuries after the fleeing suspect's pickup truck squeezed him between a patrol car frame and open door.
However, a charred car frame invariably leaves behind a good bit of evidence.
In one demonstration, I use plastic toy cars with two axles that can be easily removed and snapped back into the car frame (Figure 1).