car park

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parking lot, car park

An area set aside for parking motor vehicles. The net area of a parking facility is the area devoted to parking places and circulation aisles. In a multi-story parking facility the gross area also includes the building’s service cores and exit stairs.
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If agreed, the new charging arrangements will be advertised in each car park next month, including Flint, and will come into effect in all car parks from May 14.
Grainger Town multi-storey car park - 1,997 PCNs in 2016, 2,019 PCNs in 2015.
This summer, over the course of four weeks, Novus also repainted all six levels of the Wellington Street car park in Leeds, using Q-Park's corporate colour scheme of blacks, whites and greys.
It is the busiest car park in the town because it's next to the beach and there are days when we could do with a car park twice its size.
At the time of the acquisition, a council spokesman said: "The NCP car park was purchased by the council to establish complete ownership and control of the regeneration area.
The NCP car park is demolished in Cardiff city centre to make way for the Central Square development
Why are the negotiations to transfer the car park between the council and trust taking so long?
At that point, Euro Car Parks moved onto the site to run it as a car park, though this was never approved by Liverpool town hall.
The current car park that is available does not accommodate that number.
Recycling collections at 10 Wirral car parks will stay open until Friday, but green bin waste is no longer being accepted there.
There can be no other explanation for the misguided private car park regulations that were drafted by the legislature and are aimed at re-introducing price controls.