car sickness

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car sickness:

see motion sicknessmotion sickness,
waves of nausea and vomiting experienced by some people, resulting from the sudden changes in movement of a vehicle. The ailment is also known as seasickness, car sickness, train sickness, airsickness, and swing sickness.
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Here are some ways that the professor suggests car sickness can be eased: 1.
For many drivers who think their child has a problem with car sickness it might simply be that their child has a problem with their driving," added Bos, who also holds a chair in motion perception at Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, and has worked on a device that shows when behaviour behind the wheel could affect sickness-prone passengers.
Within a week, the dog's car sickness symptoms lessened, and after two weeks, he was offering a positive response to the bracing harness with a renewed enthusiasm for his work.
It's not clear why car sickness affects some children more than others.
Nearly one in three (30%) say reading in the car triggers car sickness and a quarter (26%) say being in a hot car is the main cause.
Supplier CAR sickness is a common ailment for medical device companies with sophisticated supply chains.
Sick Bear's Kroiss, for example, explained that the idea for her bowls, which are designed for small children to vomit into when they are ill, came to her because her 2-year-old daughter suffers from severe car sickness and was uncomfortable throwing up in any other type of container.
Miles' Anti-Pain Pills, advertised as "A remarkable remedy for the relief of headaches, nervousness, dizziness, or car sickness, etc.
The bumper has three dents from successive whiplash episodes, the door is warped thanks to a kindly anonymous person running into it in the supermarket car-park and each seat tells its own story of child car sickness, potty training and toddler tantrums.
Just then, two suspicious looking guests arrive--a guy who supposedly has car sickness (Wang Hongwei) and his glamorous but snooty wife (Wang Sifei).
In that manner, wrapping themselves in fictions of their own construction, they kept car sickness, boredom, and the constraints of the adult world at bay.