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spiral stair, caracole, circular stair, cockle stair, corkscrew stair, spiral staircase

spiral stair
A flight of stairs, circular in plan, whose treads wind around a central newel. Also called a helical stair, solid newel stair.
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We're a production facility that has an infrastructure like a TV station, since we rent out one of our two studios to Mundo FOX's local channel 8," said Caracol America Productions' Cruz.
One of the Santa Maria's anchors, today in a Haitian museum at Port-au-Prince, was found at a plantation in Limonade, just 6 miles from Caracol.
Caracol also refers to a spiral, an appropriate metaphor for a vision espoused by the rebels' charismatic spokesperson Subcomandante Marcos, who conceives of the centers as spirals that open to the outside world and through which the outside world can know the Zapatistas.
Hopefully, Caracol will get in with a low weight at Newton Abbot, where my sister will ride.
But according to the Caracol ballcourt stone, Lord Water came back with a vengeance six years later, leading a victorious "star at Tikal" assault.
UniMas provides an alternative and delivers bold content from the top Spanish-language producers in the world, including Caracol Television, RTI Colombia, and Televisa to solidify its position as the fastest growing broadcast network in the country, regardless of language.
Numerous major players were in attendance, including CBS, MTV, Discovery, BBC Worldwide, MGM, BCUniversal, Telemundo, Sony, Televisa, Caracol, Venevision, DW, Euronews, Endemol and NHK.
Meanwhile, according to local Caracol television station, the president's doctor Felipe Gomez said that chemotherapy treatment is dismissed and Santos would return to office within three weeks.
There were no immediate reports of injuries or damage, CNN affiliate Caracol Television reported.
The new Caracol Industrial Park, which began production in July and officially opens this month with several events in Caracol, results from a public-private partnership spearheaded by the government of Haiti and involving the U.
The Caracol Industrial Park, about 24 km from the major northern city of Cap-Haitien, is a joint project of the Haitian and US governments, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), and Sae-A Trading Co.
MarvellouS Mexico starts at pounds 839pp for seven nights all-inclusive, based on two adults sharing a double room at four-star Sandos Caracol eco resort & Spa, departing Manchester on July 19.