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spiral stair, caracole, circular stair, cockle stair, corkscrew stair, spiral staircase

spiral stair
A flight of stairs, circular in plan, whose treads wind around a central newel. Also called a helical stair, solid newel stair.
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says Caracole is available in 20 states in the United States and accounts for about 25 percent of Caracole's export production.
We are supporting our dealers at retail by offering everything needed to present this powerfully branded collection in stores in the most efficient way," said Caracole CEO Jeff Young.
If Boy's Own was anything but "commercial" in intention, I must admit I was a bit worried after the critical and economic flop that Caracole represented.
Gretchen and Shane bring tremendous energy and passion to the business of selling to customers who value style and personal expression in their interior environments," said Maura Riley, Director of Marketing, Caracole.
With Caracole, we don't talk about dressers, or nightstands or credenzas," Dunn explains.
Caracole is a book that comes to the reader surrounded by others.
Djokovic, qui caracole au sommet de la hierarchie mondiale, a remporte trois des quatre titres du Grand Chelem (Open d'Australie, Wimbledon, US Open) de la saison, n'echouant qu'en finale a Roland-Garros - le seul manquant encore a son palmares - face au Suisse Stan Wawrinka.
Sa filmographie compte des films qui ont caracole en tete des entrees.
With debuts of items such as the I Can See Clearly Now endtable and the Snow White and the 7 Drawers jewelry chest, Caracole hosted some of the most-discussed introductions at the market.
Son charisme televisuel, son franc-parler d'entrepreneur accompli aux origines modestes, le distinguent des pales candidats republicains et le hissent en tete des sondages en septembre et octobre oE il caracole au coude a coude avec le favori d'alors Mitt Romney.
Le champion serbe, laureat de son sixieme titre cette saison apres Melbourne, Indian Wells, Miami, Monte-Carlo et Rome, caracole au sommet de la hierarchie avec desormais 4.
On sait en effet que la parenthese[beaucoup moins que]Un Marocain a Paris[beaucoup plus grand que] si elle n'a pas ete un flop a ete un demi-succes par rapport notamment aux deux autres films qui ont caracole en tete du box office.