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This unique cup or carafe Coffee & Tea Maker will brew what you want at the push of a button.
Four glass carafes stand in the center of the gallery's upper floor.
The agent became suspicious August 7 when a box containing the thermal coffee carafes was discovered during a baggage search.
In addition to the eight new fashion colors, the carafe also comes in translucent black, red and blue and solid white.
Italian small plate restaurant and wine bat Inoteca in New York serves wines by the glass, the carafe and the bottle.
Even better, a generous offering of half bottles (actually 375-milliliter carafes, filled from the full-size bottles) made it easier for a table of two to match wines to courses.
Undersink systems such as the Kenmore 38460 ($80) have filters that can last twice as long as carafe or faucet-mounted units.
AFTER negotiating the rather amusing pop-off top that typifies the Paul Masson carafe and acts as a thumb exerciser I was met by a full-on fruity wine gum nose.
Of course, if you found misogyny in Currin's earlier work, you won't be won over by, say, The Lobster (all works 2001), in which a woman's head and shoulders extend horizontally into the frame to become the stand for a traditional still life--fish, bread, fruit, carafe, even a violin, as well as the eponymous crustacean.
In order to simulate home coffee brewing as closely as possible, the team studied three commercial coffee brands using a coffee maker with a basket-type paperlined filter and a 12-cup-capacity glass carafe.
Using a funnel, pour wine, liqueur, and vanilla into a 1- to 1-1/2-quart bottle or carafe.
Simply carafe and available in the chilled juice section of grocery stores nationwide.