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caravansary, caravanserai

interior of a caravansary
1.In the middle east, a building or inn for the overnight lodging of travelers by caravan; usually enclosed by a solid wall and entered through a large gate.
2. By extension, any large inn or hotel.
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The caravanserai, between Dabaneh Palace -- one of the last remaining Ottoman palaces in Lebanon -- and Al-Kandajieh souk, also served as a barracks during Ottoman rule, reportedly between 1831 and 1839, while its third floor was added the year the Ottoman Empire broke apart, in 1918.
Caption: STOPPING BY--The Shah Abbasi Caravanserai is the largest historical roadside inn in Iran.
In this wealth of events, Caravanserai stands out and it is the first of its kind as it has a clear regional perspective as it focuses on artistic and intellectual expressions from Afghanistan, India and Pakistan.
Tavernier wrote, 'near the caravanserai where we lodged is a large bath to which men and women go by turn on certain days.
There are some villages called Ujan and Asepas, which are situated after Marvdasht city and Figueroa has resided in both locations for some period of time and they include beautiful rivers and springs, which their water are consumed by caravanserai and water mills from these two counties, but according to Figueroa, drinking water of Asepas River may very hazardous.
It was the old Silk Road and the caravanserai that had attracted us to this part of Turkey so we readily agreed.
These terms comprise: khan, a word of Persian origin and the most prevalent term for both rural and urban inns in Islamic history; funduq, probably from the Greek pandocheion, a term that was on its way out during the medieval period; ribat, originally adopted from the Quran (8:60) to designate fortified barracks for paramilitary volunteers, it seems to have migrated to Iran primarily as a term for rural inns; caravanserai (< karvansara), the Persian composite term, which became the term for Islamic inns in all European languages; and the lesser used wakala, or urban agency house, found mostly in Egypt; manzil, halting or stopping place on the road, especially one associated with the barid, the sultanic mail; and qala, lit.
We are currently working on the restoration of Igdir's Werder Caravanserai.
The 4,000 sq m Saray Spa and Health Club draws inspiration from the caravanserai silk route across Arabia, with treatments designed to ensure mind and body renewal.
The 4,000 square-meter Saray Spa and Health Club draws inspiration from the caravanserai silk route across Arabia, with treatments designed to ensure mind and body renewal.
From above, the arrangement of the new Qatar National Museum suggests a caravanserai, which is a traditional enclosed marketplace that supported commerce and people who were moving across the desert.
Ian Strathcarron follows Mark Twain and his caravanserai as it sways across the Holy Land, and the two writers' contrasting adventures and observations are told in Innocence and War.